[Important] Product renewal notice(Sensitive Line)

Birth of the new “SENSITIVE LINE”

The SENSITIVE LINE, popular since its debut, has evolved significantly.

The new “SENSITIVE LINE” has been a popular line with constant repeat customers since its launch.
The original formula is maintained.
New ingredients have been carefully selected and blended to support a beautiful, healthy and strong skin condition.
It anticipates all the factors that trigger sensitive skin and leads to a healthy condition that does not succumb to its worries.

For skin prone to dryness and other skin problems, we focus on hypoallergenic quality.

✓Allergy tested
✓Patch tested
✓Stinging tested
✓Noncomedogenic tested

*Not all people are immune to allergy or skin irritation.
Test products: MT Contour Lotion and MT Contour B Cream

What is sensitive skin?

To care for dry and sensitive skin more smoothly, we have enhanced skin-supporting ingredients.

It contains panthenol, niacinamide, and a variety of other cosmetic ingredients, as well
as six new ingredients such as bisabolol and janohypnosperm root extract. Janohige root Extract, a naturally occurring ingredient, is a powerful key ingredient that plays an important role in moisturizing, skin conditioning, and emollient effect.

“SENSITIVE LINE”Product Lineup

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